I have a slightly old-fashioned taste for black-and-white ink drawings. When I can get away with it, I prefer to work with a dip pen and India ink, but I’ll do digital if the situation demands it.

How to sew a cutaway lace edge, illustration by Gillian Conahan from The Hero's Closet (Abrams 2017)

Sewing a Lace Edge. From The Hero’s Closet, Abrams 2017.

Degrees of Stretch illustration by Gillian Conahan, from The Hero's Closet (Abrams 2017)

Degrees of Stretch. From The Hero’s ClosetAbrams 2017.

Design flats for the two-piece dress, cape, and seamed jumpsuit from The Hero's Closet by Gillian Conahan

A selection of flats (unused) from The Hero’s Closet